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Aptean Compiere for Manufacturing

Managing manufacturing operations is a challenging task that requires comprehensive, enterprise-class ERP support. Compiere helps solve these tough challenges with Compiere ERP. It is a proven, enterprise-class solution designed with a modern, highly adaptable application platform at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

The scope of Compiere ERP spans support for both Make-to-Stock and Make-to-Order business processes - from MRP and Bill of Material processing, through Purchasing, Materials Management, Order Processing, and supporting Financials.

Manufacturing Success Stories

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Location: Belgium
Compiere Partner: WinFloware
ERP Manufacturing Success Story - Multinational Manufacturing Company | ERP Distribution Press Release - Books and Education Products | ERP Distribution News - Books and Education Products

OSG, a multinational manufacturer and distributor of precision cutting tools used in the automotive, aerospace and precision instrument industries, needed to replace an old ERP system in order to improve their operational performance and was easy to customize and upgrade. With the help of Compiere partner WinFloware, OSG successfully implemented Compiere throughout its European operations, providing a flexible solution that allowed both centralized and decentralized control of information. Compiere also supported each country with their local languages and currencies.


Location: California, USA
Compiere Partner: KnowledgeBlue
ERP Manufacturing Success Story - Electronic Components

This Electronic Component Manufacturer knew they needed stronger automation for their inventory and financial management processes. The catalyst for change was the termination of support for their solution by the incumbent vendor. With the help of Compiere Partner KnowledgeBlue, the company customized their Compiere ERP system to match their existing business processes. The final hosted solution centralized information from across its multiple local offices for improved reporting and oversight.

Plastics Manufacturer

Location: France
Compiere Partner: Audaxis

This manufacturer of plastic environmental products wanted an "open" solution for managing their business process because their previous solution was unsupported as the result of an acquisition. The Compiere ERP system went into production after three months, providing improved management of the company's 18,000 products, 5,000 customers and 200 daily invoices.

Textile Manufacturer

Location: France
Compiere Partner: Audaxis

Flexibility was a key requirement for this French Textile Manufacturer as it upgraded an outdated accounting system that they developed in-house. Compiere ERP systems provided automated and integrated processes for purchasing, order management, materials management, bill of materials, work orders and accounting. The final solution addressed their custom needs (such as tracking clothing dyes by lot). The company estimated that acquisition costs for their Compiere ERP system were 60% less than proprietary ERP alternatives.

Manufacturing Add-Ons

Compiere Manufacturing

Contact Compiere: info@aptean.com

Compiere Manufacturing is an end-to-end planning and control solution that streamlines and automates critical business processes resulting in lower manufacturing costs and improved efficiencies. It is a tightly integrated, industrial-strength manufacturing solution encompassing all aspects of manufacturing including MRP, Production Control, Cost Management, and Reporting. And it is low cost, available on-premise or using cloud computing.

Compiere Mobile Warehouse

Contact Compiere: info@aptean.com

Compiere Mobile Warehouse enables companies to utilize modern handheld devices to streamline warehouse operations and improve efficiencies. Operators are now able to receive, put-away, pick and ship materials more quickly, efficiently, and accurately than with manual data entry methods.