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Compiere Exchange

Welcome to the Compiere Exchange, the place for you to find and share Compiere extensions that are built and supported by authorized Compiere Partners. To view the available Add-on Modules, Connectors, and Language Packs browse the list below or select the category of your choice using the drop down list. Add-on modules, Connectors, and Language Packs are available either through Aptean or the Partner directly. See listings below for details.

Add-on Modules are built using the Compiere development platform or are tightly integrated with the base Compiere ERP modules. They may also leverage the Compiere Installer and Automated upgrade tools.

Connectors are integrations between Compiere and various third-party hardware and software solutions.

Language Packs are contributed by Compiere authorized Partners and are made available "as is." They can be downloaded directly from the Compiere web site. Language Packs are version independent but applying an older language pack to a newer release of Compiere may result in some items remaining un-translated. For instruction on how to install a Language Pack, please refer to the following link: http://www.compiere.com/support/language-packs.php

Add-on Modules Provider  
+ - Actfact Non-Profit/NGO Management for Compiere ActFact Free
+ - Belgium Payment and Bank Management Audaxis dollar
+ - France Payment and Bank Management Audaxis dollar
+ - Luxemburg Payment and Bank Management Audaxis dollar
+ - Mobile Devices Inventory Transactions Audaxis dollar
+ - Swiss Payment and Bank Management Audaxis dollar
+ - Subscription and License Management dotBase dollar
+ - Services Subscription and Timesheet dotBase dollar
+ - Swiss Payment Management dotBase dollar
+ - Fund and Grant Accounting Sovereign Integration dollar
+ - Payroll Sovereign Integration dollar
+ - Point of Sale Sovereign Integration dollar
Connectors Provider  
+ - Avalara Connector Sovereign Integration dollar
Language Packs Provider  
+ - French Language Pack Audaxis Free


Note: = Compiere, = Gold Partner, = Silver Partner, = Partner