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Compiere Code and Documentary Repository

Repository Access Paths

Your email address and password are used to access the repository. Find details on Creating a New Account below.

Description Access path
Compiere Core Product  
-- Compiere Core Development http://svn.compiere.org/core/trunk
-- Compiere Core Releases http://svn.compiere.org/core/tags
-- Compiere Core Branches http://svn.compiere.org/core/branches
Other Compiere projects ... to come ...

Creating a New Account

Welcome to the Compiere Code and Document Repository:

  1. Create an account in our webstore: https://www.compiere.com/wstore (this is free)
  2. Make sure that you validated your email address
  3. Subscribe for access to the source code: https://www.compiere.com/wstore/info.jsp
  4. Then, access using: http://svn.compiere.org/core/trunk

Accessing Repositories Via Subversion Client or DAV

Some popular Subversion Clients (see more via http://www.tigris.org)

  1. Eclipse Plugin: Subclipse - http://subclipse.tigris.org
  2. Windows Client: Tortoise - http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org
  3. Command line: svn (Unix/Linux or Cygwin)

You can also create a Windows Web Folder:

  1. Go to "My Network Places"
  2. Enter the network path (see above)
  3. Enter your email address & password

Note: We plan to offer also advanced repository reporting via Fisheye and code reviews via Crucible.

Access Example

This example uses the svn command line option.

$ svn co --username joe@yahoo.com http://svn.compiere.com/core/trunk compiere-all

Authentication realm: <http://svn.compiere.com:80> Compiere Core Repository

Password for 'joe@yahoo.com':

A ....

Checked out revision ....


This server is designed for heavy 24*7 loads. You may experience restricted access Saturdays from 8 AM to 8 PM Pacific time. Until December '06, new accounts or changed accounts may take up to 24 hours to be effective.
Next planned maintenance: 10/14/06 - 8 AM to 8 PM

Compiere License

With this release we changed the Compiere license to the GPL. After considerable thought, we decided on this change for two primary reasons. First, the GPL is the most popular open source license, with over 65% of projects on SourceForge.net released under it. We feel that moving to the most commonly used license helps establish our commitment to open source and support for the free software foundation.

Second, by moving to the GPL we help encourage contributions from others to Compiere because of the reciprocal nature of the GPL. The GPL is one of the best ways we know to foster an open development community.

We encourage you to contribute your changes back to Compiere so everyone can benefit.

Some companies voiced legal concerns. Like other projects with GPL, we are offering an alternative license, if required. Please contact info@compiere.org for details.