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Point of Sale

Compiere Point of Sale (POS) processing enhances retail sales and E-commerce business processes. Unlike stand-alone POS solutions, each sales transaction immediately updates financial, accounting and customer records, providing a broader view of your overall sales activity and product stocking levels.

Customer Information

The POS Software supports either "anonymous customers" or lets you capture customer contact information (e.g., name, phone number, address, email). Once you've established a customer account, you have the ability to accumulate transactions made by the customer and to calculate the lifetime value of a customer account.

Flexible Payment Methods

POS transactions support your choice of payment methods including:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card or ACH (with online payment processing)
  • Invoice On Credit
  • Delivery Notice (invoiced later based on customer profile rules)

Sales, E-commerce, Marketing and Accounting Integration

POS fully integrates with other activities. You can convert existing Quotes into Orders or convert an Order into a Quote (in case the customer decides not to go ahead with the transaction immediately).

Monitor sales activities by transaction volume, dollar value, product category or customer category over time. Compare POS information across regions, retail locations and sales representatives.

When used in conjunction with E-commerce, customers who order via the web can specify delivery terms, including picking up the goods from your store. Your customers can also view their orders, invoices and track their shipments on-line.

To monitor the effectiveness of your marketing activities, you can reference POS transactions to specific Marketing Campaigns (e.g. via coupons or discount vouchers). This allows you to compare the bottom line results of different marketing channels and marketing alternatives over time.