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Warehouse Management

Compiere Warehouse Management includes comprehensive, integrated functionality that automates inbound, warehousing and outbound operations, resulting in improved productivity, space utilization and customer satisfaction.

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Compiere Warehouse Management utilizes a first-of-its-kind customizable rules engine to enable directed putaway, picking and replenishment. Warehouse management rules and processes, like all Compiere capabilities, are quickly and easily customized to meet changing user and business requirements - without programming.

Compiere ERP Warehouse Management

Inbound Operations

Receive goods into the warehouse by matching receipts against existing purchase orders lines, return material authorizations (RMAs), or product codes. Multiple product codes such as Name, UPC/EAN, SKU and others are cross-referenced in the system for easy matching by warehouse operators. Compiere also supports blanket receipt of all products in a purchase order through an "Express Receipt" capability. Products become available to promise (ATP) or allocate immediately upon receipt.

Directed putaway leverages the Compiere rules engine and your customized rules to maximize productivity. The rules engine produces an optimized putaway task list that includes specific instructions regarding the Locator (location) where each received product should be putaway and in what travel sequence. In cases where received goods will be putaway to multiple Locators, the rules engine generates separate putaway tasks for each Locator. In the final inbound step, the operator confirms completion of putaway tasks and reports exceptions or adjustments.

Outbound Operations

Compiere Warehouse Management fully supports Wave Planning, giving you the ability to prioritize ready-to-ship orders according to available labor and shipment deadlines. Create multiple waves throughout the day by applying user-defined searches on orders using criteria such as promised date, order priority, ship-to country, freight carrier and others. Wave Planning simulations and manual overrides provide warehouse managers with additional control over the final set of orders released in a wave. Compiere Warehouse Management generates pick lists using cluster picking or order picking methodologies.

Outbound operations extend to packing and shipping functions, including support for shipment consolidation. Compiere Warehouse Management improves customer satisfaction around shipments by honoring customer preferences regarding partial/complete shipments, and by improving order accuracy and on-time shipments. You may also define specific picking rules and wave planning criteria to prioritize shipments to your most important customers.

Warehousing Operations

Automate the movement of goods within the warehouse, optimizing valuable inventory, warehouse space and labor resources. Directed replenishment tasks, such as replenishing forward Locators when inventory levels fall below the restocking point, are automatically generated from your rules. Replenishment rules account for unit of measure conversions and capacity differences between stocking and destination Locators.

Improve management and utilization of warehouse space as part of your integrated solution. Compiere supports up-to five levels of user-defined Locator segments, such as Aisle, Bay, Row, Position, and Bin. The system lets you further organize Locators into Zones. Directed putaway, picking and replenishment rules can apply to the entire warehouse or to a user-defined set of one or more Zones.

Replenishment rules and space management enable slotting optimization. Compiere tracks key statistics such as Locator visits, Zone configurations, and product shipments, allowing you to dedicate sufficient space in easily accessible Locators for fast-moving products.

Compiere Exclusive: Customizable Rules Engine

Your Compiere Warehouse Management solution is flexible and adaptable, enabling you to change any aspect of your automated solution to match changes in your product lines, warehouse design, business practices and accounting rules.

Compiere's customizable rules engine is the brains behind your directed warehouse management activities. Organize Compiere Warehouse Management rules into comprehensive strategies for putaway and picking. The Generate Putaway and Wave Planning processes invoke the rules engine, which in turn evaluates the relevant product inventory against your rules, warehouse design, units of measure, and other parameters. The rules engine produces optimized and intelligent task lists that maximize warehouse operator productivity.

While Compiere Warehouse Management comes with a range of pre-defined rules, the solution's power comes from the ability to quickly and easily create custom rules and strategies to match your changing needs.

Integrate Warehouse Processes with ERP

Compiere Warehouse Management is integrated with Compiere ERP purchasing, materials management, order management, manufacturing and global financial management capabilities. Integration eliminates the effort and inconsistent information associated with importing and exporting data across stand-alone applications. As a result, warehouse transactions immediately update related data throughout the system, including product availability, order shipments and receipts.