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Compiere requires database management software to process your ERP and CRM information and transactions. Compiere software is certified to work with Oracle (Express, Standard, Standard One and Enterprise Editions) and EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server, giving customers a range of database platform and pricing choices.

Database software acquisition can be expensive and complicated. As an Authorized Reseller for both Oracle Corporation and EnterpriseDB Corporation, Compiere strives to make it as easy as possible to acquire a database software license in conjunction with your Compiere solution.

Oracle for Compiere
Postgres Plus Advanced Server for Compiere
Application-specific Full Use Database Licenses for your Compiere Solution

Application-specific full-use database licenses from Compiere provide you with a range of scalability, reporting and deployment options, at affordable application-specific pricing. Whether you choose Oracle or Postgres Plus Advanced Server database technology, you'll have a robust platform for managing your Compiere application:

  • Unlimited Data Store Growth - Your storage capacity is limited only by computer and storage hardware, enabling you to scale your Compiere solution and data store over time.
  • 3rd Party Reporting - Report on your Compiere data in a number of ways. You may generate on-screen or printed reports from within the Compiere application or access data through your choice of 3rd party reporting tools.
  • Solution Support - The database and tools licensed from Compiere are backed by Compiere, and in turn by Oracle Corporation and EnterpriseDB Corporation. Compiere provides a single source for comprehensive technical support and software maintenance for your Compiere solution.

Flexible Licensing Options

Database software licensed from Compiere is an "application-specific full use license" that may only be used in conjunction with Compiere applications. The software is not licensed for use with any other application. Licenses are for a one year term and are annually renewable.

User and Processor Licensing Metrics

Database software from Compiere is available through two different licensing options:

  • User-based licensing – User licensing offers an exceptional value for organizations that can precisely identify and count the number of authorized Compiere users. Licensing is per named user with a minimum of 10 users. User-based licensing is not available to Compiere customers who deploy the web store or other self-service functionality, because the precise number of users cannot be counted.
  • Processor-based licensing – Processor licensing is based on a count of all processors where the database is installed and/or running. Processor licensing is the choice for customers that have enabled Compiere self-service capabilities or who are licensing a larger number of named users.

Additional Licensing Options

Compiere understands that some customers will need additional licensing options. For example, if your organization is developing application functionality that is outside the scope of Compiere, is scaling your hardware environment beyond four processors or needs access to the database vendor's support services directly, a full use license may be more appropriate. A Compiere Authorized Partner or Sales Representative can provide additional detail on your potential licensing options.