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Application Integration

Compiere is your platform to integrate enterprise-wide business processes. In many cases the integration is fully within your Compiere solution. In other cases you'll need to integrate data and processes with external systems and legacy applications. Compiere provides rich functional integration out of the box, and is compatible with multiple standards based interfaces for integrating data across your enterprise.

Functional Integration

Compiere fully integrates ERP, CRP and Performance Management data and processes. This tight integration ensures that the different functional areas have all the information required for business decision-making. There is no need to derive information as source transactions include linkages to all needed supporting data. Neither is there any delay in users having up to date information as there is no need to transport data or perform any data cleansing routines.


ERP Reporting Views

If the internal ERP reporting facilities are not sufficient, third party SQL based tools can be used. Compiere provides business views, which resolve all foreign key references and are therefore 'ready to use'. There is no need for data model knowledge or developing and maintaining catalogs for these third party tools. You need to enforce any security manually.

Data Export

Compiere exports all data in reports to the following data formats:

  • Excel
  • HTML
  • XML
  • Text
  • PDF
  • PostScript
  • Word

Business OLAP Cubes

Compiere allows exporting of OLAP data to Excel Pivot tables and selected OLAP tools for further analysis.

Data Import

Compiere imports data to the main reference and transaction entities from XML, fixed length or comma separated files. There are predefined formats, but you can also define your own record formats.


In addition to the standard customizations, Compiere provides the ability to extend the application using Java Business APIs. In contrast to other applications, client extensions are maintained during upgrades.


Compiere Scripting will allow the user to extend functionality using Java syntax. It is also used for data import and conversion.


Client-side "call-out" technology enables an additional class of functional extensions by executing subroutines (written in Java, C or other technologies) to perform specialized processing. Common uses for call-outs include data validation against an external source or collecting data from an external feed. Call-outs can be invoked before or after data entry in any field. Compiere ensures that call-outs cannot crash or corrupt the system.