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Web Architecture

The Compiere Web architecture dramatically improves ERP user experience. It is an example of the latest generation of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that utilizes Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology to deliver functionality, usability, responsiveness and personalization through a Web browser.

View Flash demo of Compiere Web architecture

Compiere ERP and CRM capabilities diagram

Built using standards-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and open source Google Web Toolkit technologies, the Compiere Web architecture provides advantages for end user productivity, ease of customization and ease of management.

User Productivity Advantages

The Compiere Web architecture provides an extensive set of end user productivity advantages that are rarely found in browser based enterprise applications. Compiere is the only web-based rich internet ERP with all of these advantages:

  • Navigate through the system using the menu
  • Icon bar shortcuts
  • Search
  • Personalized work space
  • User-defined favorites
  • Recent documents
  • Zoom down to view detail
  • Zoom across to view related documents
  • Single page master-detail forms for invoices, purchase orders, and others
  • Inline editing
  • Application, field and context-sensitive help

Ease of Customization Advantages

The Compiere Web architecture is fully compatible with Compiere's Model-driven Application Platform which stores business logic in an applications dictionary for ease of customization without programming. Customize Windows, Tabs, Fields, Reports and more using your choice of Web or Java clients. The Web architecture provides application administrators with the same usability advantages available to end users. The Application Dictionary enables you to customize and store business logic once. Compiere ensures that your changes are rendered correctly in both Web and Java clients.

Ease of Management Advantages

The Compiere Web architecture generates significant cost savings by eliminating the installation, configuration and management of desktop client software. It is compatible with modern browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer and does not require client software or plug-ins. The flexible architecture is platform- operating system- and browser-agnostic, securely operates within most firewall configurations and supports the demands of a mobile workforce.

The Compiere Web architecture makes intelligent use of network bandwidth and server computing resources. The Compiere Web client sends focused procedure call instructions to the server only when additional data is needed. The server replies by sending exclusively data. The Compiere Web client, resident in the browser memory, manages data presentation. This design is far superior to traditional web architectures that require the server to maintain state for each user, dynamically render HTML pages with every command, and transport fully formatted HTML pages across the network.

The Compiere Web architecture is available in the Compiere Enterprise Edition.

Watch a Google-produced Video featuring Compiere Developers discussing the usability and development advantages from Google Web Toolkit.