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Compiere 3.1

Compiere 3.1 is a major release that adds more than 400 new functional, technical and business analysis enhancements. This new release continues Compiere's commitment to building open source applications that drive down costs and complexities of ERP. A new secure business view layer and integration with third-party reporting tools top the list of capabilities added to the Web-based Compiere Professional Edition Version 3.1. Use this page as a guide to the innovations available to you in the newly released Compiere Version 3.1.

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Notable improvements in each Compiere edition are highlighted below. Experienced Compiere administrators may want to review the longer list of improvements contained in the Compiere 3.1 Release Notes.

New in Compiere Community Edition (and in All Editions)

Compiere Community Edition, the most popular open source ERP and CRM solution, now includes the following notable advancements:

Feature Benefit
Account aliases Easier definition of account aliases and easier use of aliases in GL journals.
Account combinations improvement Ability to create new account combinations and assign aliases to account combinations in the account combination window.
Invoice batch print Ability to print or email invoices based on a range of dates.
User defined invoice payment date Ability to define a fixed payment date for an invoice using a payment .
Contra document numbering Option to use the same document number for automatically generated counter documents.
Standard costing improvement Adjustment to on-hand inventory valuation when standard costs are updated.
Product imports Import product process creates applicable costing records.
Bank / Payment
Enhanced security for bank and bank accounts Ability to have a single shared bank (across organizations) but enforce organization-level security at the bank account level.
Customer and vendor bank information Ability to create or update bank account information for customers or vendors from invoice.
Direct Debit support Support for Direct Debits in payment selection and for payments created in the bank statement window.
Enhanced inventory controls Ability to disallow negative inventory. Prevent a negative on-hand inventory count to facilitate material control.
Item cross reference Use any item cross-reference (e.g., Key, Name, SKU, UPC) in product fields for data entry ease.
Unit-of-measure conversion improvements Support for defining and managing classifications of unit-of-measure conversion by group.
Expanded locators structure  Ability to define up to 5 segments for warehouse locators providing greater flexibility in locator nomenclature management.
Product / Bill of Material (BOM)
Alternate groups (Option BOM) User defined alternate BOM groups with easier organization and identification.
Multiple BOM versions Support for multiple BOM versions associated with a single product.
Alternate and optional item selection Improved interface for the selection of alternate groups and optional items in BOMs.
Suppress detail option Optionally suppress detail lines in print formats for list reports.
Column-level filtering in financial reports Use column-level filtering in financial reports for enhanced matrix reporting.
Financial report display improvements Use indentation, text formatting and sorting of sources and transactions in financial reports for improved presentation of balance lines, transactions and sources.
Platform / Data Dictionary
Improved default logic for new documents Improvement in the use of current context values when creating new documents or records.
Support for dynamic mandatory logic Mandatory logic in a window can be dynamically enforced.
Improved value format logic Improved control over value formats (masks) for formatted fields such as telephone numbers and product codes.
Coordination between value formats and default logic Ability to override system defaults with value preferences at the user level.
Tenant level model validator Ability to define a unique model validator for each tenant in the system.
Index and constraint management Ability to define and maintain indexes, constraints and views within the data dictionary.
Sequence number management Support for gapless document numbers.
Hyperlink data type / document management system interface Support for attachments as URLs for simplified integration with document management systems.
Performance indicators Improvements in display and update of performance indicators.
Platform Technology
Support for new platform technologies:
  • Sun Java JRE 6
  • JBoss 4.2.2
  • Oracle 11g
  • EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus 8.3
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0
Expanded platform choice, flexibility and scalability. Compiere 3.1 continues support for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems, Oracle 10g database, and Internet Explorer 6 and 7 and Firefox 2 browsers.

New in Compiere Standard Edition

Compiere Standard Edition includes all features found in Compiere Community Edition plus technical support, product updates and automated upgrade tools.

Automated upgrade tools assist you in "migrating" from previous releases to Compiere 3.1. The upgrade tools apply the latest Compiere improvements to your solution while preserving your business-specific customizations.

Current Compiere Self-service Edition and Standard Edition subscribers are entitled to all services in Compiere Standard Edition 3.1.

New in Compiere Professional Edition

Compiere Professional Edition underscores Compiere's commitment to mid-market and larger organizations. Compiere Professional Edition includes our richest set of services, a modern Web architecture and UI and a flexible commercial license. It includes all innovations available in Compiere Community and Standard Editions plus the following:

Feature Benefit
Secure business view layer Easier access to business data through optimized reporting schemas that incorporate user-friendly field names, Compiere's role-based security and database security. Administrators can alter existing views and create new views.
Pre-defined business views Ready-to-use business views span business partner, product, sales order, invoice and shipment data.
Integration with third-party analysis tools Access Compiere data using your choice of third-party reporting and analysis tools such as Microsoft Excel, Jasper Reports, Pentaho and Crystal Reports. Reports created with Jasper Reports or Crystal Reports may be added to the Compiere Menu.
Compiere Manufacturing The new add-on to Compiere Professional Edition 3.1 supports multi-level bill of materials, work-in-process tracking and costing, work order transactions and seamless integration with Compiere's existing materials management, purchasing, sales order management and financial systems.
Full keyboard access in the Web UI Easily navigate the Compiere Web UI using keyboard shortcuts instead of relying on the mouse.
Tree maintenance support Compiere 3.1 now supports drag-and-drop tree manipulation in the web UI for the Tree Maintenance, Organization, and Account Element windows.
Web UI extensibility The new Web UI extensibility framework allows you to construct custom screen layouts, respond to end user interactions, and retrieve query results where more flexibility is desired than is provided by the Compiere data dictionary.

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