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Compiere eLearning

Compiere eLearning is a portfolio of interactive, computer-based training modules for Compiere ERP and CRM available on-demand via the Internet. Compiere eLearning consists of twelve focused modules that provide students with the ability to learn Compiere concepts at their own pace as well as the option to repeat or return to modules within a period of 120 days. The lessons utilize hands-on product simulations, demos, and quizzes to reinforce learning on the main topics covered in the module.

Begin with:

Title Time Description
Navigation in Compiere 10 min Explore Compiere using the menu, toolbar and zoom features

Purchase Compiere eLearning Series:

Title Time Description
Deploying and Using Compiere 3 hrs The complete set of twelve Compiere eLearning Modules

Purchase individual eLearning modules:

Title Time Description
Initial Setup of Compiere 10 min Covers initial setup of a new Compiere solution
Business Partner Setup 15 min Set up the reference records for Business Partners
Using Business Partners 15 min Learn how to add and edit Business Partner information
Product Setup 15 min Set up the reference records for Products
Using Products 15 min Learn how to add and edit Product information
Product Pricing 15 min Learn how to work with discount schemas and price lists
Purchasing 15 min Learn the purchasing process from requisition to vendor invoice
Sales 15 min Learn the sales process from quotation to invoice
Material Management 15 min Learn material management capabilities from physical inventory to inventory moves.
Open Items and Payments 15 min Learn to retrieve a list of unpaid invoices as well and enter and receive payments.
Information and List Reports 15 min Learn to easily locate information in Compiere and create and customize List Reports and Print Documents.