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New in Compiere 3.0

Compiere 3.0 is a strategic milestone release that adds functional and stability innovations on top of the leading open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Compiere 3.0 also marks the introduction of Compiere Professional Edition, a new premium offering targeted at larger organizations that require more advanced services and commercial licensing from Compiere.

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There are well over 150 improvements in Compiere 3.0 and the vast majority of the innovations are available across all Compiere editions. Notable improvements are highlighted below. Experienced Compiere administrators may want to review the longer list of improvements contained in the Compiere 3.0 Release Notes.

New in Compiere Community Edition (and in All Editions)

Compiere Community Edition, the most popular open source ERP and CRM solution, now includes the following notable advancements:

Feature Benefit
Returns Management Feature-rich, ready-to-deploy functionality to implement return materials authorization (RMA) and return to vendor (RTV) processes.
Additional Financial Reporting Templates An expanded set of financial report templates including a new Trial Balance and Sales Reporting templates
Improved Swing Client Usability You’ll quickly notice new icons, default colors and improved field focus. The Swing client supports the new Compiere 3.0 functional enhancements and includes numerous quality improvements.
Enhanced Security Compiere 3.0 adds a new encryption format, and tightens management of passwords and other obscured fields.
Improved Search History and Search are combined for improved usability. New Advanced Search functionality includes:
  • Search for NULL
  • Search for Created On/By and Updated On/By
  • Search for Posted and Payment Rule
  • Unrestricted search for dependent fields - finally, saved searches can be retrieved and updated.
Data Dictionary Functional Enhancements New Data Dictionary functionality includes:
  • Context sensitive field labels
  • Field sequencing in Grid View
  • User defined focus management
  • Database independent schema including views and constraints
Installation Ease Once your operating system and database are configured, Compiere installation is virtually a single-step operation. Compiere installation and configuration processes are identical across Windows and Linux operating systems and EnterpriseDB and Oracle databases.
Updated Installation Instructions First time installation of Compiere 3.0 is fully documented for each combination of operating system and database.
Database Certification Compiere 3.0 is tested and certified to work with leading databases
  • EnterpriseDB 8.2 Advanced Server
  • Oracle 10g R2 or later for Express (XE), Standard and Enterprise Editions
Source Code Source code for Compiere Community Edition, including the new functionality and quality improvements, is available to developers at svn.compiere.org
Overall Quality Numerous bug fixes and increased test coverage underscores Compiere commitment to quality.

New in Compiere Standard Edition

Compiere Standard Edition includes all features found in Compiere Community Edition plus technical support, product updates and migration management tools.

Updated Migration Management Tools assist you in migrating from previous releases to Compiere 3.0. The Migration Management Tools apply the latest Compiere improvements to your solution while preserving your business-specific customizations.

Current Compiere Self-service Edition and Standard Edition subscribers are entitled to all services in Compiere Standard Edition. Self-service Edition subscribers gain access to additional services like periodic Service Packs. Standard Edition subscribers can renew their subscriptions at a lower per user fee.

Self-service and Standard Edition customers that are interested in upgrading to Compiere Professional Edition should contact your Authorized Partner or Compiere, Inc. for details.

New in Compiere Professional Edition

Compiere Professional Edition underscores Compiere Inc.'s commitment to mid-market and larger organizations. Compiere Professional Edition includes our richest set of services and a flexible commercial license. It includes all innovations available in Compiere Community and Standard Editions plus the following:

Feature Benefit
Web Architecture and UI Use a Web browser to access your Compiere ERP solution. The Compiere Web architecture utilizes the latest generation of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) technology to deliver robust functionality, usability, responsiveness and personalization through a Web browser.
Case Management Solution The Case Management solution is a functional extension to the Requests system and includes a streamlined views, expanded reports and secure customer access via the web.
Data-level Security Supports extremely granular security restrictions for access to specific data records or fields.